Are they expanding outside the 8600? more evidence, again

The following is an email sent today by Wade White regarding some new information discovered through a FOIA request.

Media and Legislators,
In Feb 2013, the Forest Service went to the NWTF convention in Nashville.  They put together a slide show of how they are cooperating with the NWTF and paying them over $500,000 over the course of the contract.  Based on my findings even Jason Lupardus, regional biologist with NWTF, sends a bill to the Forest Service for his time as Regional Biologist for NWTF(from piecing information together – he submits a bill for his time.  I have attached that document but need to verify this).
If you have wondered who is telling the truth about whether the Forest Service is actively creating pre-European style landscapes in LBL on a large scale outside the 8600 demonstration area such as oak grasslands and oak woodlands,  Here AGAIN, is another example.  They put it in a slideshow in Feb, 2013.
THE BELOW pictures and email are FROM EMAILS RECEIVED FROM THE FOREST SERVICE VIA A FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST BY JIM SCHEFF:  These have basically been hidden until today.  This is what they do not admit to the public.  They call it health of the forest.  Its a clear, basic LANDSCAPE CHANGE.
“From: Baker, Jared L -FS
To: FS-pdl r8 lbl allusers
Subject: LBL Trivia

Date: Friday, January 25, 2013 9:12:19 AM

I am putting together a looping slide show of LBL for the NWTF conference. I need really good
LBL/Wildlife/USFS related trivia questions for the slide show. Please send me any you can think of.

Jared L. Baker
Budget Officer / Safety Officer
USDA Forest Service – Land Between The Lakes NRA
270-924-2195 (office) or 270-804-5182 (cell)
In Office: Tue, Thurs, Fri Telework: Wed (call cell)”
This clip clearly states they want to create (landscape scale) 10,000 and more acres of open woodlands and grasses.  10,000 or more…that’s not the 8600.  This dwarfs, the 8600…image
Please recall this quote:Dennis Wilson says, “no work is being done to convert areas of lbl into oak grasslands outside of the 8630-acre demonstration area that was set aside in 2004.”  Article by Lauren Duncan, Paducah Sun on May 25, 2015.
Note in this next clip by the Forest Service they consider oak grasslands and oak woodlands to be intermingled in the 8600 as pictured below.   Dennis is contradicting himself.  They are spreading the same experiments in the 8600 out to 10,000 plus acres with more planned.
​ Over the past 6 months the Forest Service has claimed the 2009 ice storm forced them to do some work on logging and heavy burning.  The ice storm is not the cause.
To date, many of us, have provided the media with quote after quote from the Forest Services’ own writings to show they are working on landscape scale massive change to LBL called pre-European landscapes.  To Date, despite all the evidence the Forest Service will not come out to the media and say, yes, we are changing the landscape in LBL.
This debate cant be clouded by miscommunication.  That is why I put together the Book of Contradictions.  Media, feel free to use any of this information. If you want more please ask.  The Forest Service must answer the question about landscape Change on a massive scale.  Why is that being hidden?  ​Why must you as the media find out about it from a Freedom of Information Act request?

“If you ask forester Dennis Wilson why logging and burning is taking place at Land Between the Lakes, he’ll tell you it improves the health of the forest.” Lauren Duncan Paducah Sun May 24, 2015

Bush said the recent logging and prescribed burning at Demumbers and Pisgah bays is simply part of a clean-up project to remove loblolly pines that were damaged in a 2009 ice storm.
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