Birmingham Ferry Decision


We received word today of Ms. Tilley’s final decision on Birmingham Ferry. We are, to say the least, very pleased overall with her decision. First there will be NO commercial logging of the area in question (see links below) for this project. Second, there will be no new roads. Third, they are only going to cut damaged trees within 75 feet of roads, campsite, and parking areas. This is action that we can live with as it provides safety to the public that use the area while maintaining for the most part nature’s way of doing things.

The trees in question will be felled and laid flat. Once the area is rendered safe in the spring, firewood permits will be available for the downed trees. As they will not make good saw logs, this is a good opportunity for folks to stock their woodpile or perhaps even make a little money while helping to “clean up” BTR/LBL.

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White had this to say: “I am very pleased to read the decision by Tina Tilley on the Birmingham Ferry Project. The decision is very reasonable and I appreciate that our concerns were heard.  Thanks to John Westbrook and Tina Tilley for considering all aspects of this issue and applying common sense to make their final decision.  I look forward to collaborating on new projects in the near future that will make LBL all it should be.”

Again, we are pleased with the USFS decision and we are optimistic that this is a step toward building a future working relationship with Tina Tilley, John Westbrook, and the USFS that manages BTR/LBL. You can find a link to the release here: Birmingham Ferry Final Decision.

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