Our Cause

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Update: 20150512

Who Is the Coalition? More important is who the coalition is not. We have been misidentified in and by some media as “a group of environmentalists”. This statement is not true. What we are is a Coalition made up of representatives from across Kentucky and Tennessee with varied interests in Between the Rivers/Land Between the Lakes. Some of the groups represented are Between the Rivers, Inc., Hiking clubs, Backcountry Horsemen, Grow Trigg, KY Heartwood ,TN Heartwood, County Judge Executives, concerned citizens, prior landowners, and many more. This is the first time since Between the Rivers was taken from the people that this diverse of a group has formed and is making a stand. There is power in numbers and our numbers are growing.

The goals we have for the new management plan are outlined on The 8600 page. As you can tell, this isn’t “just about saving trees”. It’s about history preservation, education, and recreation in a one of a kind place we know and love. It’s about not selling our heritage at 1/3 the market price. It’s about those who were forced from their land and promises made and broken. It’s about what nature itself will do and provide. It’s about the original promise when this land was stolen from it’s people in the name of progress. It’s about education, recreation, and the land.

Join our fight. Get involved. Educate yourself and others about The 8600 and share. Share it everywhere. www.the8600.com


Updated 01-12-2015

Originally, I founded the facebook page and website to make the public aware of the scenery draft plan.  That goal was accomplished, our voices were heard, and the plan was scrapped. Many people are to be applauded for their effort and intervention, including Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White, David Nickell, and Jim Scheff among many many others.

However, the fight is not over. We are working with other groups to help educate the public and formulate recommendations to submit to the U.S. Forestry Service. You can subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated. The direction of the “Coalition for the Preservation of Land Between the Lakes” will be determined soon, meaning whether we remain only an information disseminating website and page, or if we become something more that raises funds for education , support, and legal action if that is deemed necessary.

Again,  what was accomplished could not have been accomplished with out you, the concerned and vocal citizen. As I said, the fight is far from over.


Original Cause statement

The government has a plan. That plan (found here), in our opinion, changes what the Land Between the Lakes has come to be known and loved for. At this time, we ask that you read the plan and submit your comments to lblinfo@fs.fed.us as soon as possible. Please, keep your comments specific, precise, and of a respectable manner. They will be better received that way.

We will be updating this site to include contact information for your Senators, Representatives, County Contacts, and others. Click here for that list.

We have asked, via letter and email to Area Supervisor Tina Tilley, that the comment period be extended to at least March 15th, 2015 to allow ample time for all those concerned about Land Between the Lakes to read the draft plan and submit their comments.
In the meantime, here are a couple of links with some important information.


The link that brought this to my attention, and I highly recommend you read this: http://www.kyheartwood.org/lbl-scenery-management-plan.html

and the LBL press release: LBL Press Release