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As I’ve mentioned before, the coalition is made of numerous user groups and organizations. One of those, represented by our friends Jim Scheff and Tina Johnson, is Kentucky Heartwood. Kentucky Heartwood, Jim, Tina, and their staff spend countless hours combing over every document the USFS issues on Between the Rivers/Land between the Lakes, Daniel Boone Forest in Eastern KY, and other projects in the state. This comes at a cost.

Jim and Tina have logged nearly 4500 miles in just the two years since the coalition was formed. Yes, they are “paid” by Kentucky Heartwood but that organization’s total budget is around $60,000 yearly and as you can imagine, it doesn’t take long to eat through that.

Jim and Tina have pledged their continued support and the assistance from Kentucky Heartwood to the Coalition in our endeavors to ensure Between the Rivers/LBL is managed responsibly for the better good.

I would ask you, as a follower and supporter of the Coalition, that you consider donating to Kentucky Heartwood. They are currently holding a fundraiser, which you can read about here: Kentucky Heartwood Fundraising Letter

You can donate through this link: Donate to Kentucky Heartwood

Personally, I want to thank Jim and Tina for their countless hours of research, driving, phone calls, conference calls, and their expertise. I also want to thank Davis Mounger with Tennessee Heartwood who is also a great asset to our coalition and works with Jim and another great asset David Nickell to keep our science right. It was Jim and Davis that first contacted me when I started the facebook group. While we may not always agree on certain things, we all work together for the better good of Between the Rivers.

We will be selling some t-shirts soon, the proceeds of which will be going to several of our member groups to further the cause. Be sure to like our facebook page and signup for our newsletter here so you’ll know when they are available.

Thank you for your continued support.

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