Update from Wade on meeting with Comer and Tilley

Congressman James Comer contacted Judge Hollis Alexander and I last week to set up a meeting between us and Tina Tilley and John Westbrook.

Congressman Comer wanted to ask questions and make some points about the issues we have battled over in LBL the past few years.

The topics we covered were:

Roads:  Hollis and I again reiterated the desire for many to see the roads improve in LBL.  I also discussed the diminishing money that will disappear in 2019 that takes care of 75 miles of Kentucky roads in LBL.  Comer agreed to begin looking into a new MOA between the FS and the State to keep those roads maintained.  We also discussed the issues of keeping all roads in good condition and the need for the money to keep them in good shape.

Timber:  We discussed the Fox Hollow and Devils Backbone projects and the desire by the coalition not to see a resurgence of logging take place.  I was able to explain the 8600 and our issues with that project and its failure to date.  We discussed money and logging and how the amount of money that is gained by logging is minimal to the problems it is causing.

We discussed the upcoming Eclipse and need for help from Feds with Fire and EMS.

I brought up the request to have a cultural center at empire farm.  Tina pointed out the costs of upgrading it and lack of water and power.  She did float the idea of doing something at the north entrance parking lot?  Some type of building there?  I haven’t heard this but may many of you have.  Just wanted feedback on that idea see what you think.

It lasted over an hour and I am very pleased and Congressman Comers involvement and help with LBL so far.  That is a very good development and I’m thankful to have his support in this area.  We will keep up the pressure.


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